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Copyright is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive right to make copies of a creative work, usually for a limited time. The creative work may be in a literary, artistic, educational, or musical form. Copyright is intended to protect the original expression of an idea in the form of a creative work, but not the idea itself. A copyright is subject to limitations based on public interest considerations, such as the fair use doctrine in the United States.

Some jurisdictions require "fixing" copyrighted works in a tangible form. It is often shared among multiple authors, each of whom holds a set of rights to use or license the work, and who are commonly referred to as rights holders. These rights frequently include reproduction, control over derivative works, distribution, public performance, and moral rights such as attribution.

Copyrights can be granted by public law and are in that case considered "territorial rights". This means that copyrights granted by the law of a certain state, do not extend beyond the territory of that specific jurisdiction. Copyrights of this type vary by country; many countries, and sometimes a large group of countries, have made agreements with other countries on procedures applicable when works "cross" national borders or national rights are inconsistent.

Typically, the public law duration of a copyright expires 50 to 100 years after the creator dies, depending on the jurisdiction. Some countries require certain copyright formalities[5] to establishing copyright, others recognize copyright in any completed work, without a formal registration.

These are several key disadvantages to Copyright holders:

Inability to Share Work - Copyrights key advantage is also it's primary disadvantage. Copyright does not allow you to openly permit others to use your work or to distribute it, even if they are not doing it for profit. This can mean that your work is disseminated slowly or not at all.

Authorship is not Ownership - You must own the copyright to be able to exercise the rights that it grants, and just being the creator of the work does not always guarantee ownership. In some cases the owner is actually the person who commissioned the work, or the company for whom the work was produced.

No Provision for Parody - Canadian copyright law does not allow for parodying of work without permission. Canada does not have a parody defense to infringement. Furthermore, Canadian copyright law does not make a distinction between using a work for commercial or non-commercial purposes. So a fan fiction author would not be successful in arguing that they wrote their Corner Gas derived story and did not make any money off of it. Any use of those characters would still be an infringement. Some copyright owners may not care if their copyrighted works are being sourced for fan fiction and others might, even if used for non-commercial purposes.


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Analyst (Current Employee) says

"You are not encouraged to ask any questions even after you have tried to figure it out on you own. I would rather ask questions to get it right than to do my work incorrectly. You get yelled at for asking questions and humiliated."

Sales (Current Employee) says

"The old saying rings true at Copyright Clearance Centre. Toxic and directionless CEO and corresponding yes ma'am management. Long hours, sweat shop with politics galore. Cons: Demeaning environment"

Marketing Programs Manager (Current Employee) says

"Overall Copyright Clearance Center is a decent place to work, but there is little support of employees."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Copyright Clearance Center full-time Cons: Too many incidents of seeing my colleagues in distress, or witnessing humiliation in a group setting. Difficult experiences dismissed with cynical "That's just life at CCC" attitude. Instead of real change, weird gestures of pseudo-spirituality like sending everyone in the company a rock. Unsettled environment even 2 years after the restructuring. This header on the Glassdoor reviews overview page stands out to me: "Senior management who are just enforcers of the CEO's ridiculous whims.""

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Copyright Clearance Center full-time Cons: Clueless CEO who is in over her head. No idea how to make recent acquisitions successful Senior management who are just enforcers of the CEO's ridiculous whims. Toxic environment. Horrible morale. Constantly looking over your shoulder"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Copyright Clearance Center full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Too many hanging on to their last years of employment, not willing to impact change and just coasting into retirement. Company has cornered the “Don’t rock the boat” market."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Copyright Clearance Center full-time for more than 10 years Cons: CCC lays people off without any reason, they try to make up a false story that a person made a mistake and tell you that is why you are laid off."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Copyright Clearance Center full-time Cons: 1 - Toxic and mean CEO - for a woman she is rude, impolite, profane 2 - No new product vision - selling whatever we can to make numbers 3 - Mistreatment of people by CEO/CEO direct reports - we have all witnessed it 4 - Bad Ixxus acquisition - has led to panic sales and marketing to show earnings 5 - Some publishers beginning to question why they use us; it's why we're in business 6 - Dir's and VP's even CCC veterans let go for adequately questioning CEO rants 7 - Morale is driven instead of built - fake enthusiasm, panic, stress 8 - Company cut up into 3-units - strategy causing exits and confusion, stress 9 - Just plain terrible right now and has been for a long time 10 - atmosphere is like the parking lot: reserved spots for VP's - who does that?"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Copyright Clearance Center full-time Cons: CEO and the sychophantic executive team that enforce her decision making with religious fervor despite lamenting and ridiculing her behind closed doors. This place gives new meaning to the word toxic and in years to come will appear in MBA courses the world over as an example of how not to run an organization. Then there is the HR team... Who frankly didn’t get the memo on how to be, well, an HR team and instead lifted General Mao’s playbook on how to keep the people happy."


"I have been working at Copyright Clearance Center Cons: The company, and the CEO, does not know what to do next."

Former Employee - Product Owner says

"I worked at Copyright Clearance Center full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Continuous lay off. Bad decisions at the top results in firing bottom rung."

Current Employee - Marketing says

"I have been working at Copyright Clearance Center full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Warning! Do not be fooled by the fools who write "pros". Most likely they are mid- to low-level minions who are more interested in keeping their jobs and have a blind faith in the rhetoric of a TOXIC CEO. This is a sad case-study of easy money thru copyright management coupled with an undone CEO who, along with her unqualified senior management, are "playing" big-girl company in a safe, unchallenged non-profit sandbox ("squirrel"). For example, acquisitions are more window dressing with minimal due-diligence (They seem to overlook very important questions 1. how does one sell it? 2. Can it seamlessly integrate with our current product/service offering? ) Narcissism, lack of business acumen and a great deal of bullying from the CEO, plus a polarization of current clients w/an increase in competition for managing copyright, will run this once great organization into the ground. Top leadership know just enough about sales and marketing to fool themselves, have an internally bloated staff with mass redundancy, and are focused more on protecting their over-paid jobs with a politically toxic culture. They blame individual people instead of reflecting on their own decisions. The CEO is under-qualified and a bully, and should be held accountable. The Board should do their job. But then again, they were appointed by the CEO. (Sound familiar?)"

Former Employee - Director says

"I worked at Copyright Clearance Center full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Executive Leadership is Unqualified to be Executives and/ or Leaders"

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